"The most important thing to be successful in business is to have the right people."

- William Sahlman
Harvard Business School Professor of Entrepreneurship

About FoundersHookup

FoundersHookup's goal is to connect you with GREAT people to seed high quality DNA into your venture from Day One. We screen applicants and only present the highest caliber Internet founder prospects. We also prioritize connections based on a residency-match system. You rank the other co-founders, they rank you, and the lowest matched pairs get connected first. You can meet / chat on your own schedule, and also are invited to weekly forums (currently in the SF Bay Area) especially arranged for FoundersHookup speed dates

How it Works

How exactly does the match process work?

We match the lowest-ranked pairs based on a residency-match system (made popular by medical residency programs). If you ranked someone else as your top choice, and they ranked you as well as their top choice, the pairing of you two would get a score of "2". If you ranked them 20th, and they ranked you 1st, your pair matching would have a score of "21." The lowest ranked pairs are matched until a founder has 5 matched pairs.

What if I don't get any matches

We encourage you to use FoundersHookup for a few weeks. Each week there will be more opportunities to find new matches.

If you an unsatisfied for any reason, we will refund your payment with no questions asked. Ask for a refund (within 30 days of the end of your membership) by sending an email from your paypal account to support@foundershookup.com with the subject REFUND REQUEST in the subject.

Is Founders Hookup only in the San Francisco Bay Area?

No, FoundersHookup is global. If the founder prospects are in the SF Bay Area, we have forums specifically designed for your dates which you are encouraged, but not obligated to use. Dates over skype, or at your preferred meeting spot, are also favorites of our founder prospects! We will be rolling out forums in other parts of the world if there is interest.

Advisory Board

What Members are Saying

"Great people! Superior to what I expected."
-- Sr. Software Engineer, (Google, Stanford)
"FoundersHookup is really useful. I've met a lot of high-quality potential co-founders."
-- Product Manager, (Cisco, Harvard MBA)
"FoundersHookup events are great. I met a bunch of very motivated and fascinating people"
-- MedTech Entrepreneur, (Stanford BS / MS Mech Eng)
"I've met a lot of smart and ambitious people via FoundersHookup"
-- Software Engineer, (Yahoo, UC Berkeley)


This is an iterative work-in-progress. We welcome your feedback!
Please email us at support@foundershookup.com

Contact Info

Email is the best way to reach us.
Please send all inquiries to: support@foundershookup.com

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